My team and I get to know you, your team, your organization.

We talk about your big goals. And what keeps you up at night.

We talk about how we can help you achieve those goals, take the worry off your plate, how long it might take, what resources are required.

Each client is unique, and, therefore, each program that we offer is custom built for you, your ideal culture, your team.

Whether you are the largest (or the smallest!) organization with which we’ve worked, we understand the process of getting it done for you and your team. Implementation is ultra-professional, complete, and timely.


I am in the prevent-disaster business: good people stay, businesses revamp plans and improve their bottom line, project budgets and schedules return to control. Some of my clients can quantify their results directly: a 105% increase in gross revenue, a new market opportunity, new tools for more efficient management.

Last year, my team and I led organizations through M&As. We trained thousands of people in managing change and leading projects. We engaged thousands of professionals at paid leadership events. We guided the launch of women-owned businesses. I spoke at dozens of events and conferences.

We specialize in making other people’s lives more rewarding – financially, emotionally, and intellectually.


As a PhD scientist, I walked into a massive high-tech IT project whose primary mission was to fly satellites. In outer space. Well, Low Earth Orbit, to be precise. It was a sink or swim approach, and I learned fast, but, because I was from the outside, could question the why and how things got done. I learned the complexities to managing massive projects and large teams (it's the people!). I was part of a team that savored every new challenge.

I saw an organization dismantled by one poor decision after another. I saw CEO transitions and reorgs that were opportunities missed to develop a strongly engaged workforce.

I call on my decades of experience in getting work done to advise, counsel, and coach organizations around effective leadership, organizational structure, leadership succession, time and project management, accountability, and how to develop high-performing teams.


In this world of big changes, I know how to use tension to create high-performing organizations that are ready to take on even greater challenges. The theory behind my approach is revelatory, and I entertain my audiences with examples of both successes and miserable failures. I also challenge leaders to step into their strength, to be brave enough to take on the very things that scare them (such as big changes!), and how to bring their teams with them.

I understand the language of science, of high-tech, of the highly educated, and I can relate to their particular challenges - and often laugh with my audience at my own missteps. In addition to leadership and change, I speak on specific topics that relates to my background in science, project management, Landsat satellite science, strategic intelligence, or entrepreneurship for professionals.


I have always been motivated by a taking on a challenge - particularly one that no one thought could be accomplished. I worked my way up through my education and satellite career. I was a professional with a voice in a global mission. A damn sexy job.

Life happened (reorganization, poor change management), and I decided to work for myself. I had decades of experience. Unique and specific knowledge. A powerful intellect paired with the ability to read social cues (mostly).

And now, I can't get enough of the freedom, the risk, the excitement of depending upon my own vision.

I support high-achieving professionals in a 1:1 setting all over the U.S. They save time, can see their way forward, achieve big goals. What's next for you?