1 Million Cups in Sioux Falls

When I get in front of people, I really light up the room with my passion andexcitement. Someone told me recently that it’s hard not to get “bowled over” when people meet me for the first time.

I was delighted to share my passion with the 1 Million Cups community in Sioux Falls. An entrepreneurial crowd, they are always excited to learn more about what other creators are up to, how they did it, and what challenges they have overcome.

It was a big turnout – at least 4 rows of folks standing in the back!

I was pleased to be able to involve my partner, Meg Manke, in the Q&A, as we come from different specialties – she from HR and leadership and I from project management and leadership. We are both ultra-professional, yet down-to-earth, which is a combination that serves us both well when we work apart, and what makes us unstoppable when we work together. And, we have a lot of fun!

Check out this FB Live Video of our morning sesh. The poor FB liver from Zeal didn’t know what to do about me creeping into the audience, so apologies for the dark video. Skip ahead to 9:45 to get to our portion of the event.

Thank you for the invitation, 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls, to Zeal for the technical support, and Prairie Berry East Bank for the venue.