I question everything around how your organization regards change. Which makes some companies nervous. Which is okay.

I provide exceptional creative problem solving for the right organization. I want you to ignite passion in your people and communities, evolve to take on new challenges, and excel in engagement, leadership, and strategic goals.


I work with high-achieving, high-tech, or high-science organizations to solve thorny problems around organizational culture, leadership, and management.

How can I help?

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My Perspective

I am a master at combining information from a wide variety of sources to create new solutions. With a PhD in science and 20+ years of management experience, I bring a unique and powerful perspective.

I challenge clients and audiences to embrace change:
To use the tension in change to enhance creativity and generate excitement instead of letting it keep you up nights.
To understand change and help guide those around you.
To use change as a tool instead of letting it run the show.

I also love to challenge common practice and conventional wisdom when they seem to be counter-productive. From Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to servant leadership, I am not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the intellectuals in the field.

As Keynote

I invite my clients and my audiences to lead with passion - to not be afraid of those ideas that light up your eyes and widen your smile. You can bring your team along on your ride, and they will become ever more engaged and committed to you and each other.

I provide insight from my diverse background to speak on leadership, organizational change, project management, strategic intelligence, science, time management, and communication, among others. With my wit, experience, and willingness to challenge, I will deliver an engaging experience at your event.

Rachel speaking at the 2012 Esri UC (12,000 in attendance).